Orange and white cat reclining on a pench with his paws in the air.

You can help provide lifesaving medical care for Thomas

When Thomas arrived at the Cat's Meow, his right eyelid was swollen. Initially, we thought he had an infection but further testing determined that he had a mast cell tumor in the eyelid. His eye was healthy, but the mass was so swollen it was obstructing his vision.

Head shot of orange and white cat with swollen eyelid.

Thomas, when he first arrived at the Cat's Meow, before receiving treatment.

Thomas is a young, otherwise healthy cat so we immediately began treatment to try to reduce the mass in his eyelid.

After just two months of treatment, Thomas has responded remarkably well! You can see in the upper photo that his mass has shrunk quite a bit and he's much more comfortable. Thomas has been a really good boy about taking his medication and his doctor is impressed with his response.

Thomas will most likely need treatment for the next 6-9 months at a cost of about $400 per month. This covers a thorough exam and several tests his oncologist runs each month to make sure Thomas is tolerating the medications.

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Photos of Thomas in his foster home