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Posy, a sweet young dilute calico kitten peeks out from under a blanket.
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Adult Cat

Nestled in a quiet corner of the Cat's Meow, there's a shy but utterly enchanting kitten named Posy. With her delicate dilute calico coat, Posy is a vision of ethereal beauty, and her story is one of quiet resilience and a heart full of potential.

Posy is not your typical extroverted kitty. She's a bit of an introvert when it comes to humans, initially preferring the safety of the shadows. When you first meet her, you'll notice her golden eyes peeking out from behind a curtain of uncertainty. But don't let her initial reserve fool you; beneath that shyness lies a heart full of love waiting to bloom.

Posy is a masterful observer of the world around her. She'll spend hours perched on a windowsill, watching the comings and goings of the outside world, her delicate whiskers twitching with curiosity. She's the kind of cat who finds beauty in the smallest of things, like the way a leaf flutters in the wind or how a sunbeam dances across the room.

We believe that Posy's shy nature is simply a chapter in her journey, and she's ready to turn the page to a brighter future. With patience, love, and understanding, Posy will flourish in a quiet and loving home where she can be herself and share her unique charm.

Posy gets along very well with other cats. A home with a more extrovert kitty who can be a good role model, would be very helpful for Posy.

If you're an experienced cat lover who understands the beauty of a cat's quiet soul and can provide Posy with the love and space she needs to come out of her shell, then you might just be her perfect match. Imagine the privilege of watching her bloom into the loving and devoted companion we know she can be.

Posy is waiting for that special someone who sees beyond her shyness and into her heart. If you're ready to embark on this heartwarming journey with her, come meet Posy today at our shelter. We promise, the love and companionship you'll receive in return will be worth every moment.

Adoption Fee $120

Adult cats range from 6 months up to 8 years old. The adoption fee includes the spay or neuter surgery (which is already done), microchip, testing for feline leukemia and FIV, distemper vaccination, deworming and flea treatment. In addition, it is always our policy to treat any known conditions prior to adoption or disclose any known conditions that are ongoing.