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Tortie kitten.
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McMurray is a four-month-old tortoiseshell kitten with a soul as vibrant as her multicolored coat. Picture the delicate hues of autumn leaves, and you'll catch a glimpse of the warmth that radiates from this shy yet utterly endearing feline.

McMurray is a kitten of mystery, a gentle spirit who approaches the world with caution. She may be a bit reserved with new faces, but her heart is a blossoming garden of affection waiting to be explored. McMurray is the kind of kitten who craves the soft touch of understanding hands and the patient companionship that unfolds like a gentle melody.

Despite her initial shyness, McMurray is a social butterfly in the company of her feline friends. She has a special fondness for the language of whisker twitches and playful pounces. Her love for other cats is a testament to the beauty of camaraderie in the feline world, and she flourishes in the presence of her furry companions.

At just four months old, McMurray is like a delicate bud, ready to unfurl into the full bloom of companionship. She dreams of a quiet home, a haven where the gentle touch of a kind soul can coax her out of her shell and into a world of shared affection.

If you can offer McMurray the patience and love she deserves, she could be the missing piece to your heart's puzzle.  Open your heart to McMurray, and let the enchantment of her presence transform your world.

Adoption Fee $150

Kittens are less than 6 months old. The adoption fee includes the spay or neuter surgery (which is already done), microchip, testing for feline leukemia and FIV, distemper vaccination, deworming and flea treatment. In addition, it is always our policy to treat any known conditions prior to adoption or disclose any known conditions that are ongoing.